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Hike and Bike

Routing data for GraphHopper for offline navigation in the best outdoor navigation app Locus Map.

File issue if routing data not provided for wanted country or region.

Cross border navigation

As GraphHopper doesn’t support multiple files, if you need to cross borders, please use special region wide routing data (e.g. Alps).


Click a “Locus” link to install on Locus (will be automatically downloaded and extracted to mapsVector/). In the GraphHopper Add-on choose which file you want to use.


Which vehicles are supported?

  • pedestrian or walking with priority for more beautiful hiking tours (hike).
  • trekking bike avoiding hills (bike2),
  • mountain bike (mtb),
  • racing bike (racingbike),

Routing data for car provided separately. Foot routing not supported to reduce size of graph (please use hike instead).

How often data is updated?

At least monthly. File issue to force update if need. Also, data can be updated once a new version of GraphHopper is released.

Last update: 10.06.2018.


Region Install Size Coverage
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia Locus 856 MB coverage
Alps Locus 1.61 GB coverage
Austria Locus 380 MB coverage
Bayern (Germany), Austria, Czech Republic Locus 1.15 GB coverage
Belgium Locus 208 MB coverage
Czech Republic Locus 256 MB coverage
Germany, Austria and Switzerland Locus 3.14 GB coverage
Denmark Locus 190 MB coverage
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Locus 157 MB coverage
Finland, Norway and Sweden Locus 810 MB coverage
Finland Locus 282 MB coverage
France Locus 1.84 GB coverage
Great Britain Locus 898 MB coverage
Greece Locus 255 MB coverage
Iceland Locus 18.2 MB coverage
Ireland and Northern Ireland Locus 124 MB coverage
Italy Locus 1.05 GB coverage
Netherlands Locus 339 MB coverage
Poland Locus 731 MB coverage
Portugal and Spain Locus 1.24 GB coverage
Russia Locus 1.57 GB coverage
Switzerland Locus 252 MB coverage
Turkey Locus 459 MB coverage
Ukraine Locus 405 MB coverage

North America

Region Install Size Coverage
Canada Locus 562 MB coverage
US Midwest Locus 1.43 GB coverage
US Northeast Locus 687 MB coverage
US Pacific Locus 21.5 MB coverage
US South Locus 2.16 GB coverage
US West Locus 1.49 GB coverage


Region Install Size Coverage
China Locus 714 MB coverage
India Locus 731 MB coverage
Indonesia Locus 423 MB coverage
Japan Locus 1.76 GB coverage
Thailand Locus 343 MB coverage


Region Install Size Coverage
Africa Locus 2.67 GB coverage
Australia Locus 456 MB coverage
Brazil Locus 1.22 GB coverage
Central America Locus 311 MB coverage
New Zealand Locus 63.6 MB coverage
South America Locus 2.37 GB coverage